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City Walking Tours – Wellington N.Z.

Guided Small Group

The city walking tour is for small groups up to 6 maximum. It is fully guided. This is so we can explore the city together taking it all in and getting to know each other along the way. It is especially good for those who need to build the confidence to head out and about learning as much about yourself as you do about your surroundings

Customised weekend tours over 2 full days/2 nights

I can customise a package (see package ideas) to suit the group. Wellington has so much to offer we cannot get through it all in a weekend. This is why we have a series of packages devised according to personal tastes and interests. This then becomes the theme and even if there are different interests within the group by customising we can discover new things together that you may not have thought about

Flanuering – the ‘slow walking’ movement

If you haven’t heard about the art of flanuering this is a wonderful way of walking and exploring a city. Not having to be anywhere but walking, looking up, absorbing the vibe of the city. We stay in iconic Cuba St in a funky hotel so we can explore places during the day and evening while being in the heart of the city